So long and thanks for all the fish....

So after some serious consideration, I have decided to cease performing my radio show.

I simply don't feel I have the listener numbers to make the time spent and the difficulty it makes getting up Friday mornings to continue.

Thanks to everyone who has tuned in over the last few years, it's been a blast, and it was a good run, but we're done.

Good night.

Being Horrid on the Internet

Following on from and

So it turns out, before you start a new business venture, it's a good idea to register the twitter account/s that might concievably be linked to it.

Because, and this applies particularly if you might have been less than candid or nice to people in the past....this happens.

For the record: Peter, you had this coming, and No, I'm Not Sorry.


Things You Leave Behind

"Things We Leave Behind"

Following the events of a year ago when it was proven the stargate could be used for temporal as well as spatial travel, Project Blinovitch has been working to recreate the effects in a controlled and safe manner. Now they are ready for their first test, and the SEF prepares for the first time to attempt deliberate time travel.

Confronted by this possibility, our heroes' minds turn to their history, to lost comrades, and roads less travelled. If Project Blinovitch is a success it may be possible to correct those mistakes.

In this time of uncertainty....what have you left behind?

****************************** - Event Booking Thread


Location – Oxenwood Education Centre

Website -

Address - Oxenwood, Marlborough, Wiltshire. SN8 3NQ.
Please note that like with many remote places, the post code takes you past the site.

Parking - there is NO designated parking on site, parking will be on the road leading to the site.

Date - 20th July 2012 - 22 July 2012

Price - £50 by direct bank transfer. £52 by PayPal.


Bookings will be open to members only until 24th February 2012 after that all places will be available to members and non members alike.

Maximum player places – 30.


The event is a 40 hour fully time in event with indoor accommodation. There will be IC access to the centre's kitchen, but the event is otherwise self catered.

It is aimed to be low combat. Technical and non-combat skills may be particularly useful at this event. Please note that 'low' is not the same as 'none'.

Time in will be 8.00pm on Friday. If for any reason you cannot make this time or are delayed, there is an IC mechanism to allow you to join the game - please see a ref when you arrive and do not enter play until told to do so.

Crewing as always is free, and welcome. Please remember that crew will get £5 of a future event and feats for their character. We would appreciate a standing crew of at least five.

Crew will need to be prepared to sleep in shifts.

There should be no requirement for players to crew a stint during this event (assuming we have sufficient standing crew), however we may ask certain players to step out to assist given the nature of the plot.

Various weapons for sale: Tommy20, Buzzbee Belt Blaster, Nerf Hyperfire.

Due to my purchasing a job lot from ebay, I have come into a bunch of guns I have no real need for.

All less than six months old and in full working order. No paint jobs.
Collapse )

Looking for £10 for each blaster.

I also have a nerf bipod grip, and a Stampede shield. I will throw these in free to the first and second purchaser respectively.